Mental Health Journal




Cash In On One Of Our Most In-Demand Niches!

Mental Health Journal!

The mental health niche is amassive one and it’s 100% evergreen. In fact, it was one of the first niche markets I ventured into where I was able to go full-time in journal publishing.
Not only are therethousands of people looking to purchase mental health journals, but customers are willing topay premium prices for printables in this niche.
Which means you canmake money 2 different wayswith this premium package.
Since this is one of my top niches, I hadn’t released a package for it before since I was too busy working on my own but after it was requested so much I wanted to do what I could to get one on the shop for you.
The mental health journalfeatures 39 original pagesso you can mix & match to create multiple full-length journals. I’ve also created a175-page journalfor you that you can instantly start selling!
All the hard work has been done for you!
Check out just a few of the many different layouts and carefully handcrafted designs that are included in this special, in-demand package: