The Ultimate Teachers Planner




Dive Into An Evergreen Niche In A Scorching Hot Market!

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The Ultimate Teachers planner is designed to be evergreen. This means that instead of including yearly planners, we design them so that theynever need to be updated!
This will save you tons of time, allowing you to publish on Amazon, Lulu, Etsy or Shopify andnever have to worry about the templates and books becoming outdated.
We’re also currently including Includes: FREEsource files!
With access to our PowerPoint design files, you’re able to create additional layouts or customize the one’s we’ve created for you: And just an FYI, Amazon allows you to simply take our templates and upload them “as is” without making any changes.
Interiors such as planners, calendars and journals aren’t required to follow the same rules of “private label rights” that apply to written content.
That means you can simply purchase one of our packages, unzip the contents and upload the books found in the “Ready-to-Upload” folder and start selling it today!
So, why a Teacher Planner?
Teacher planners, organizers, notebooks and record books are extremely popular. Better yet, this is an evergreen market that isn’t based on some recent trend.  Academic planners will continue to sell for years to come, so if you have yet to venture into this incredibly profitable niche market, this is the perfect time to do it!
Here’s what you’ll get with The Ultimate Teachers Planner Template Package:
  • 150 pagefully-loaded, premium journal!
  • Over 25 unique layouts, all carefully crafted based on what teachers want!
  • Color version included FREE!
  • Designed with wider marginsfor thicker journals! This is what your customers want so they can write inside the middle areas without losing space!
  • Commercial-Use Rights:Our special license allows you to sell the templates (in print format) on Amazon, Lulu, Etsy or Shopify.  You simply can’t sell the source files.
  • Design Source Files(PowerPoint PPT files that make it easy to customize!)
  • Font License File(only free commercial fonts were used in the designs!)
  • Tried & Tested:  We know this niche inside & out and designed our layouts around what sells. Further, we’ve tested the interior on all of the major marketplaces to ensure no issues during the publishing process!  We even have a proofreader review our interiors!
  • FREE BONUS: Niche Report!We’ve created a niche report focusing on teacher planners. This includes suggested keywords, recommended categories and even a pre-written book blurb/description that you can copy and paste into your Amazon account!